New Cakes!

I haven’t shown very many recent cakes from work (Creme de la Creme Cake Company), so here’s what I’ve been up to:

A 50’s themed cake


A bible for a wedding


My new favorite cake…Super Mario!


Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse


R2-D2 from Star Wars


Cinnamon Toast Cupcakes

One of the things that I took to several holiday parties this year was Cinnamon Toast Cupcakes.  I believe this is from the Cake Doctor book, which is one of my new favorites!  Everywhere that I took these, people absolutely loved them and Blake agreed that it was the best cupcake I’ve ever made 🙂



New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve never been too big on making New Year’s Resolutions, but I figured what a better time to try, than now!  Here we go:

  • Of course there’s the obvious…LOSE WEIGHT!!!  I’ve let it get out of hand and I’m just not healthy anymore.
  • Go to Pastry School – Ideally I would like to start in May, but I just don’t have the money and I don’t know how soon I will get to now.
  • Bake More – I stopped experimenting and baking for fun, so I need to do that for me again.
  • Blog More – When I stopped baking as much at home, the blog slowed down so I will do my very best not to neglect it anymore 🙂

Well, there they are.  Since they’re in writing this time maybe I’ll stick to them!

14th Birthday

My wonderful neice Alexis turned 14 this month.  Like last year, we were excited to make her birthday cake.  We asked her what type of design she wanted and she didn’t give much feedback other than maybe a black background.  Mom and I decided on a black marshmallow fondant covered cake with turquoise hearts.  It turned out very pretty and Alexis was thrilled with it 🙂

New Pics!

I know, I know…I’ve been slacking big time with my blogging!  No excuses, I just haven’t been updating like I should.  Haven’t been doing a whole lot of stuff out of the house, but work has been super busy the last few weeks.  I’m getting ready for the end of the year and looking forward to a fun year next year.  Hopefully, if I can get the money together, I’ll be starting pastry school early next year…YAY!

Anyways…here’s a few cakes that I’ve been working on at work (….

This one is a guitar that was carved by Connie (one of our decorators/bakers) and I did the rest.  I even had to recreate the fading paint of the groom’s actual guitar.

This one is another T-bone Steak cake for a groom.  Again, carved by Connie and I covered in fondant and detailed.

This is a small custom cake decorated by Dawn.  I just created the bow on top

This is a bride’s cake (groom’s cake in the background).  Bride’s cake decorated by Dawn, groom’s by Connie.  Becky created the bows and I did the ribbons going down the side.

House Pictures

This weekend was our Houswarming Party thrown by my mom and dad.  It was a ton of fun and Blake and I really enjoyed seeing everybody that was there.  For those of you that couldn’t make it, I had my dad take a ton of pictures of the house and I turned it into a slideshow.

Here’s the link:

Corset Cake

I finally had a new cake to do for a customer of Treasured Cakes!  She requested a simple cake that still had a “batchlorette” feel to it.  I found a picture of a cake online and turned it into my own version.  She loved it and was excited to take it to the party.

I also had an order for 30 cupcakes, half white and half chocolate this week, but I did not get a picture of those before they went out.  The customer came back and told me that everybody LOVED them and asked where they came from 🙂  That’s always a good sign.


Oh my gosh!  I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve posted last…  Things have been a little crazy lately with Blake and I settling into the new house.  We’re happy but it’s deffinately keeping us busy!  Mom and I haven’t had any cakes to make recently for Treasured Cakes but I promise there will be new cakes posted soon!  Work has been good but slow and we’ve been making some amazing cakes at Creme de la Creme.  I am truly looking forward to going back to school in May to get my Pastry Chef certification, but the patience is giving me some time to save up my money 🙂

TCU Stadium

Since I posted the Texas A&M Stadium, I thought I would post this one too. This was created by Amber at Creme de la Creme. The bride decided to surprise her husband with a mini TCU Stadium. This time we only had a week to do the whole thing and I would say that Amber really pulled it off. I helped where I could, but compared to what she does with these stadiums, what I do is minimal.  Amber was also interviewed by somebody at a TCU Alum magazine!  You can read the article HERE.

Another Cake Class

One more thing that I’ve been doing is taking another cake decorating class with Mom.  Stephanie, of Frosted Gardens, offered a class in the basics at her house.  Mom thought we could benefit from a refresher in the basics and she was right.  Stephanie worked really hard to make sure we all learned something and had a great time.  For our final homework assignment, Mom and I both did cakes and they look similar because we “borrowed” each other’s ideas 🙂  We had a blast making them!

My cake:

Mom’s cake: