Course 3 Graduation!

For the last class of course 3, we were to make a two-tiered wedding cake with 38 fondant roses, and 40 fondant leaves. While the roses are beautiful and not too difficult to make, they are VERY tedious and took Mom and I a total of 9 hours for us to each make our designated number of roses. While icing my cakes, I noticed that there was something wrong with the consistency of the buttercream icing. It wouldn’t smooth over and it never hardened any like it’s supposed to. Thirty minutes before time for me to leave for class, Mom suggested covering my cake in fondant when we got to class to make it look smooth. It worked! It really did end up looking like a wonderful wedding cake.

5 Responses

  1. Those are so pretty! I would totally have bought that for our wedding! Great job!

  2. beautiful cake!

  3. I am totally convinced now that I need to take these classes. Good job!

  4. looks amazing!

  5. Those are gorgeous! I love seeing all your cakes. 🙂

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