To go back to school or not…

I have been faced with a big decision lately. I have loved to bake since I was a little kid but I never thought of it as being a profession. Taking the Wilton classes with Mom really reminded me how much I love it and got me started again. Here lately I have been doing my research and I found a school in Fort Worth that has a Pastry Chef program. It’s called The Culinary School of Fort Worth and it consists of 4 courses that are 1 night a week for 14 weeks per course. Each course is $3000 but this includes all books and supplies.

The reason this decision is so hard for me is because I just got out of school in May and I haven’t even paid off the loans from that. However, since I discovered the law profession wasn’t for me (can’t stand all of the people with no morals and all of the lies) I decided why should I be stuck in an administration job all of my life when I could be doing something I love.

I want everybody’s input! I’m always interested in hearing other input on these types of decisions 🙂 Leave me a comment on here and please let me know what you think…

More Birthdays!

This weekend I went to celebrate the birthdays of two of my nephews. Dylan turned 9 on February 7 and Dominique will be turning 5 on February 25th. Of course, Mom and I decided to make them their own birthday cakes. Dylan is very much into skateboarding right now and as a last minute decision I decided to pipe out the Vans logo and put some skateboards on it. Mom worked on Dominique’s cake and did it Spiderman themed. Both turned out great for being last minute and I know for a fact that they boys loved their cakes 🙂

Valentines Day

This Valentines Day my WONDERFUL husband got me a new PINK Kitchenaid Mixer!! I love it and it’s perfect for the smaller jobs that I don’t need to bring out my big mixer for.

With this amazing mixer, I decided to make Valentines sugar cookies. These turned out pretty well for being a last minute decision. I think they came out cute too!

I’ve been tagged!

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My 5 Facts about Me:

1. I have two cats, Zoe and Pebbles
2. I’m currently on the Weight Watchers program which is making my baking obsession difficult.
3. I work for RAC National Product Service as a Support Specialist/Admin. Assistant
4. My dream vacation destination is Paris, France
5. My current goal is to go to culinary school to be a Pastry Chef

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After the Sweet 16 cake, the same customer asked me to make her nephew a cake for his 5th birthday. The original idea for this cake was Super Mario, but after 2 weeks of searching, nobody could find any Super Mario things to put on a cake like we wanted. Plan B was snakes. The customer bought some toy snakes and said to do what I thought would be best.  I went to Mom’s house so that we could do this cake and another cake for a customer together.  Mom suggested that I make this cake 3 layers because of the size of the toy snakes and I really liked how the cake turned out. I started by frosting the chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I then made a batch of buttercream icing from scratch and decided to do green stars all over the chocolate frosting to look kind of like grass. I ended up deciding on leaves as a border to stick with the “outdoor” theme of the cake. Once I got all of the stars on, I was a little hesitant to put the snakes on but it was perfect!

3 layers of chocolate cake!

What happens when Ashley is allowed near powdered sugar and a mixer…

My leaf border


Top view of the finished cake


For the birthday of one of my co-workers, I had promised her a chocolate cake. I had heard of this chocolate cake on one of the food message boards that I frequent and it had always gotten rave reviews, so I figured I would try it. The recipe is actually off of the back of the Hershey’s Cocoa box and it’s called Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Cake. It was so unbelievably easy considering the cake and icing are made completely from scratch. In no time I had a perfectly moist and yummy chocolate cake!