After the Sweet 16 cake, the same customer asked me to make her nephew a cake for his 5th birthday. The original idea for this cake was Super Mario, but after 2 weeks of searching, nobody could find any Super Mario things to put on a cake like we wanted. Plan B was snakes. The customer bought some toy snakes and said to do what I thought would be best.  I went to Mom’s house so that we could do this cake and another cake for a customer together.  Mom suggested that I make this cake 3 layers because of the size of the toy snakes and I really liked how the cake turned out. I started by frosting the chocolate cake with chocolate icing. I then made a batch of buttercream icing from scratch and decided to do green stars all over the chocolate frosting to look kind of like grass. I ended up deciding on leaves as a border to stick with the “outdoor” theme of the cake. Once I got all of the stars on, I was a little hesitant to put the snakes on but it was perfect!

3 layers of chocolate cake!

What happens when Ashley is allowed near powdered sugar and a mixer…

My leaf border


Top view of the finished cake

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  1. Nice job! Cake decorating is one (of many) area I need help with. 🙂

    PS – You’ve been tagged!

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