Practice, Practice, Practice…

Two weeks ago Mom and I decided that we needed to practice some of the more difficult and new types of cakes whenever we didn’t have one to make for customers.  I went over there on Friday night and we decided to do a stacked giftbox cake.  When we picked out this cake I thought it wouldn’t be too difficult.  Boy, was I wrong!  While the design itself wasn’t what was hard, we ran into quite a few snags in some of the more routine things that we should be used to.  First we had a problem icing the cake because it was too moist and it started tearing apart.  Then when putting the fondant on I guess I rolled it too thin because it was ripping and not laying smooth at all.  Last but not least, we messed up the bow and ended up putting an actual gift bow on top.  Thank goodness the cake wasn’t for a customer!  We ended up giving the cake to my mom’s neighbors because they’ve always enjoyed getting her practice cakes.  I guess it doesn’t look too bad, but we will definitely continue to practice the basics…


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  1. This cake looks good. It needs a bit of smoothing out, but it’s a great start. Next time, you create a beautiful creation like this, please send it to me-I’ll surely appreciate it. 🙂

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