Kyle Field

I know I don’t usually post about the cakes that we do at work, but this one was so amazing that I thought I would share. Creme de la Creme was asked to do a groom’s cake that was to be EXACTLY like Kyle Field. Amber, one of the other detail people designed the whole thing and after a month of planning, designing, and a LOT of fondant, Styrofoam and sprinkles…we finally did it! It was 5 or 6 people working continuously for a month and a lot of hard work, but after Amber and I spent 9 hours setting it up at The Fort Worth Club, it was all worth it when we saw the finished product 🙂 The only part of this whole creation that was cake was sitting underneath the actual field. CRAZY! But fun…

Creme de la Creme Cake Company

Wilton Course 4 Class 2

For our second class we had to bring in a cake iced and ready to cover in fondant and decorate.  This class was a lot of fun.  We learned how to “drape” fondant, how to make a handkerchief design, and how to make a border and swag out of fondant.

Wilton Course 4 Class 1

Mom and I decided to finally finish our Wilton courses this month.  We were pretty excited to start our new classes and catch up with our instructor.  This class is focused around Fondant and Gum Paste.  For the first class all we really did was learn to cover a cake board in fondant.  This is a cute concept, but I don’t really see myself doing this much in the future.