Baseball Cake

Mom and I were asked to make a cake for an “end of season” party for a baseball team.  We did a vanilla half-sheet with a chocolate glove on top.  This was all covered in chocolate buttercream icing.  This was a challenging cake to make because the buttercream was a new recipe that tasted amazing, but was VERY difficult to work with.  As far as using this recipe again, we will only use it if we’re not trying to decorate with it.


Another Baby Cake

Mom and I were contacted by a new customer to create a Winnie the Pooh baby shower cake. The customer had mentioned that she was at the baby shower with the last Pooh Bear cake and absolutely loved it. She wanted vanilla cake on bottom and chocolate on top. She wanted the hexagon shape and she wanted it to match the napkin that they were basing their decorations off of. I don’t think she was quite expecting what she got because she was amazed when we met her with it.

Here is the napkin:

And the cake itself:

We FINALLY closed on the house!

That’s right…Blake and I have bought our very first house.  We are really excited and after a month and a half of fighting with bank after bank, we finally got to close on June 25th.  We won’t be moving in until the last week or so of July but that gives us plenty of time to get packing and ready to go.

Here’s a pic of the front of the house:

A Weekend of Cakes!

This was a very busy weekend for Mom and I. We, Treasured Cakes, were asked to make two completely different cakes for two different customers and we also had to make a delivery for Creme de la Creme.

For our first cake, we were to make an “Over the Hill” cake for a 50th birthday. We weren’t given many specifics other than to make it a white cake with chocolate frosting. We decided to do a cake carved into the shape of a coffin, covered in chocolate buttercream and then covered in black marshmallow fondant. This was a challenge for us, but was tons of fun to make. We’re getting better at using the marshmallow fondant and that always makes things easier. The customer loved it and couldn’t wait for her husband to see it 🙂

Our second cake was for a baby shower. We were given a few more specifics for this one. She wanted marble cake with white buttercream and it needed to look like a baby block that she had sent us a picture of. We had a few problems with the softness of the cake because it kept crumbling, but we fixed that and it turned out really cute. The baby’s name is Edon so instead of A,B,C,D being on the sides, we did his name. When the customer saw it she loved how cute it was!

Our delivery for Creme de la Creme went extremely well. We were delivering a 3 tier wedding cake to a gorgeous house for a wedding. This was iced and decorated by Connie.  Mom went with me and I’m really glad she did because we couldn’t have put that cake in my car without it tilting and probably falling. Once we got it there we put it on it’s designated table and began with the touch-ups. We smoothed out a few little snags, covered it in edible glitter, surrounded it with the appointed feather boas and then attached the bow. This cake was gorgeous and was commented on by all of the caterers at the site.

Groom’s Cake

This is another one of my cakes from work at Creme de la Creme. This groom’s cake was to be the groom passed out drunk on the couch. He’s holding a remote and wine bottle and has knocked over his wine glass. He also has a hot pink bowling ball, a piece of pizza and a newspaper. This was my first big project done on my own at work and I had a ton of fun with it! The couch and ottoman are carved out of red velvet cake and covered in fondant. The groom is modeled out of sugar modeling paste and the majority of all of the other things are modeled out of gumpaste or fondant.

1st Wedding Anniversary

June 2nd was our first wedding anniversary 🙂  Since we’re buying a house we didn’t do much of anything.  Blake worked during the day and I ran some errands.  I decided to make a nice dinner of stuffed shells and roasted asparagus.  For desert we had our anniversary tier of our wedding cake that had been in the freezer for the whole year.  We were a little skeptical about this cake thinking it might taste bad, but much to our surprise it tasted just as amazing as it did at our wedding.

Last Wilton Class

In class 4 we created our final cakes.  We were to bring an already iced cake and the already made flowers that we would be putting onto our cakes.  I was a bad student and didn’t make any flowers ahead of time 😦  We had a lot of fun during class goofing off, but still learning a ton.  We learned how to make a favor box out of gumpaste/fondant and I made my very simple flowers also.  I’ve loved all of my Wilton classes and our instructor Belinda.  She’s taught us so much and encouraged us to have fun with it and be creative.