Basketball & Delivery

This weekend was a lot of fun 🙂 Mom has some boys that live next door to her that have the same birthday and also both play basketball. Since we wanted to do a practice cake for our new cake class, we decided to make them a birthday cake. After deciding between two really good ideas, we went with putting two fondant jerseys on the cake decorated in the boys’ team colors and a fondant basketball in the middle. This one didn’t take us as long as our cakes usually do, so maybe that means we are showing some improvement in the basics.

We also did a delivery for Creme de la Creme ( this weekend. This was a 3 tiered wedding cake iced by Connie. Mom and I had to put the ribbon and flowers on once we got to the reception site. It was very pretty and I’m SOOO glad that Mom went too because she really helped me with getting the ribbon on straight and also putting the hydrangeas on (she’s much better at the flowers than I am). We were in and out within an hour with very little problems.


2 Responses

  1. Your wedding cake is beautiful!

  2. Your cakes look great!

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