Oh my gosh!  I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve posted last…  Things have been a little crazy lately with Blake and I settling into the new house.  We’re happy but it’s deffinately keeping us busy!  Mom and I haven’t had any cakes to make recently for Treasured Cakes but I promise there will be new cakes posted soon!  Work has been good but slow and we’ve been making some amazing cakes at Creme de la Creme.  I am truly looking forward to going back to school in May to get my Pastry Chef certification, but the patience is giving me some time to save up my money 🙂


TCU Stadium

Since I posted the Texas A&M Stadium, I thought I would post this one too. This was created by Amber at Creme de la Creme. The bride decided to surprise her husband with a mini TCU Stadium. This time we only had a week to do the whole thing and I would say that Amber really pulled it off. I helped where I could, but compared to what she does with these stadiums, what I do is minimal.  Amber was also interviewed by somebody at a TCU Alum magazine!  You can read the article HERE.

Another Cake Class

One more thing that I’ve been doing is taking another cake decorating class with Mom.  Stephanie, of Frosted Gardens, offered a class in the basics at her house.  Mom thought we could benefit from a refresher in the basics and she was right.  Stephanie worked really hard to make sure we all learned something and had a great time.  For our final homework assignment, Mom and I both did cakes and they look similar because we “borrowed” each other’s ideas 🙂  We had a blast making them!

My cake:

Mom’s cake:

Another cake from work

Here is another cake I’ve made at work (www.cremedelacremecatering.com).  This one was very challenging, but it was also lots of fun to make.  This was actually to be a groom’s cake at his wedding and he gave us many pictures of the actual guitar for us to replicate.  The week before it was due, one of my co-workers helped me by cutting out the neck of the guitar and making me a template to carve the guitar with.  That turned out to be a BIG time-saver later.  The week of, I carved the body of the guitar, covered it in fondant, airbrushed the silver on and then began the detail work.  The details on the neck of the guitar probably took the longest.  Even laying the fondant strings wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be 🙂

Sorry for the lack of posts…

Hey everybody! So sorry for my lack of blog posts recently, but things have been so crazy and busy lately! Blake and I have finally moved into our new house and we’ve been working really hard to get settled in. We absolutely love our house and are excited to be here.

Basketball & Delivery

This weekend was a lot of fun 🙂 Mom has some boys that live next door to her that have the same birthday and also both play basketball. Since we wanted to do a practice cake for our new cake class, we decided to make them a birthday cake. After deciding between two really good ideas, we went with putting two fondant jerseys on the cake decorated in the boys’ team colors and a fondant basketball in the middle. This one didn’t take us as long as our cakes usually do, so maybe that means we are showing some improvement in the basics.

We also did a delivery for Creme de la Creme (www.cremedelacremecatering.com) this weekend. This was a 3 tiered wedding cake iced by Connie. Mom and I had to put the ribbon and flowers on once we got to the reception site. It was very pretty and I’m SOOO glad that Mom went too because she really helped me with getting the ribbon on straight and also putting the hydrangeas on (she’s much better at the flowers than I am). We were in and out within an hour with very little problems.

Baby’s 1st Birthday

Treasured Cakes was asked to create a cake for a little girl turning 1 year old. I was given a picture of what she wanted and I recreated it in a smaller cake. Later, the cake will have a tiara placed on top and a pink boa around the bottom of the cake. I had a few challenges with this cake just as I always do. I am still struggling with icing my cakes smooth and getting the sides straight. Mom is always better at icing the cakes than I am 🙂 It was fun to add the edible pearls and some fondant details to this cake and I think that the bow fit just right.